Faculty & Staff

The faculty and staff at Mélange Vienna are dedicated to providing an unforgettable artistic and education experience for all participants. As diverse as our backgrounds are, the city of Vienna remains our focal point. Come learn from us and experience the traditions of the music capital of the world!



Site Manager (Vienna)

Audrey Tzakovski grew up in Vienna where she started piano lessons at the age of four. In her teenage years she took lessons with Aries Caces, a current faculty member of the University of Music and Performing Arts and Mélange Vienna.

At 18, Audrey started working and studying at the same time. She gained experience working in the fashion industry and soon got introduced to the world of event management, with focus on scientific conferences and congresses. Whilst at the University of Vienna, she studied nutritional sciences. She soon noticed that working with people and creating a trustworthy, motivating “feel-good” work environment is something she wanted to put all her energy into and continued her studies focusing on human resources.


Today, Audrey is a human resources manager in the advertising technology industry and regularly does voluntary work (coordination, research, inquiry etc.) for all kinds of events, such as industry meet-ups, team building events, charity events and children’s camps. 


In her free time, Audrey enjoys long bike tours and loves traveling as well as going on culinary adventures.