Faculty & Staff

The faculty and staff at Mélange Vienna are dedicated to providing an unforgettable artistic and education experience for all participants. As diverse as our backgrounds are, the city of Vienna remains our focal point. Come learn from us and experience the traditions of the music capital of the world!



German Language Studies

Kerima Begić is a teacher fueled by ambition, curiosity and the constant desire to improve the status quo. Born and raised in a small, cosy town in the west of Austria, known as “Ländle” or Feldkirch, she moved to Vienna, where she spent her last six years finishing her university career at the University of Vienna. There she completed her Master’s in German and Bosnian, Croatian and Serbian language with a focus on methodology for foreign language teaching.

During her studies, Kerima worked in various fields, like marketing and human resource companies, which gave her the opportunity to travel through Austria and contribute to big events by leading teams and working under pressure.

One of the most inspiring periods of Kerimas life was her time in Delhi, India, where she was teaching at the Department of Romance and German language at the University of Delhi for one semester. This let her grow further in her professional skills but also expanded her intercultural understanding.

In her spare time, you can find her somewhere in the desert sleeping under the open sky, hiking in the Himalayan mountains, being active or just relaxing and talking about interesting topics with her beloved ones while enjoying a nice cup of coffee.