What Mélange Vienna Is All About


noun​ /meɪˈlɑ̃ːʒ/ 

1. a mixture, or a group of different things or people

2. a traditional Viennese coffee drink blending steam milk, espresso and foam

Mélange Vienna brings together young professionals, students, music teachers, and music lovers who wish to experience the rich history and cultural traditions of the city of Vienna – all within an intensive piano course.


True to its name, Mélange Vienna believes that artists of the 21st century need to be excellent musicians who cultivate skills in diverse areas to meet the demands of our world and this profession. That is why the cornerstone of our program is our exceptional faculty - all of whom have connections to one of Vienna's premiere institutions. In addition to attending private lessons, master classes, and lectures, participants learn about the daily lives and professions of our artists through “Artist Encounter” sessions. They also have the opportunity to network, and pose thought-provoking questions in open forums.


Cultural immersion is a unique component of our program. Participants will experience the heartbeat of Vienna’s past and present culture through excursions, German language classes, and concert attendance.


This 10-day course is capped by participant recitals at the United Nations in Vienna and the Bösendorfer Recital Hall, which is located in the cellar of the apartment where W.A. Mozart lived from 1784 to 1787.

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Where the Past, Present, and Future of Music Lives

Lessons. Master classes. Lectures. Networking. Concerts. Dialogue.