Terms & Conditions

Mélange Vienna is an educational program that aims to train excellent musicians who cultivate skills in diverse areas to meet the demands of our world and this profession. In addition to private piano lessons and masterclasses, participants have opportunity to network, and pose thought-provoking questions in open forums. Cultural immersion is a unique component of our program. During the duration of the course, participants will learn and experience Vienna’s past and present culture through excursions, German language classes, and concert attendance.

The following are Mélange Vienna's Terms and Conditions:

1) Mélange Vienna reserves the right to cancel the program if it is determined that circumstances require such cancellation. In this case a full refund of paid fees (including registration fees) will be made.

2) The right is reserved to decline to accept any person as a participant in the program.

3) No refund will be made for any unused portion of the program.

4) Mélange Vienna reserves the right to change faculty members and make alterations to the daily schedule as needed without prior notice. Reasonable efforts will be made to supply comparable experiences.

5) The faculty and staff of Mélange Vienna, the United Nations, Mozarthaus, and KLAVIERgalerie are not liable for any loss, damage, injury, delay, substitution of equipment, irregularity, or additional expense arising from travel to or from Vienna.

6) Participants and/or parents agree to accept full financial responsibility for any and all damages to property caused by participants and their affiliates, or medical expenses incurred by the participants and their affiliates while at Mélange Vienna.

7) All prices on the Mélange Vienna website are quoted in United States Dollars. Due to changes in exchange rates, Mélange Vienna reserves the right to adjust the price of the program accordingly. Any change in program tuition fees will not affect participants who have already paid the Registration Fee.

8) Proof of a valid international health and accident insurance plan (including insurance company, policy number, effective dates, and emergency notification procedures) may be requested before or upon arrival in Vienna.

9) The faculty and staff of Mélange Vienna, the United Nations, Mozarthaus, and KLAVIERgalerie are released from any and all responsibility and expense resulting from any health or accident problems incurred by the participant and each accompanying person in transit to or from Mélange Vienna, and for the duration of the course.​

10) By submitting an application, the participant (parents and affiliates, if applicable) acknowledges and agrees to the terms and conditions and policies stated on the Mélange Vienna website.

November 23, 2018

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